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Digital Transformation Services

Put technology at the core of your business strategy
Struggling with digital transformation? We guide you through each step. From evaluating your current situation to discovering where technology can bring the most value to implementing the final solution.

The most prominent companies in Switzerland trust our expertise to transform their business


Automate your business operations
Eliminate manual tasks that consume your time. By automating repetitive workflows, we can help you scale your operations and reduce labor costs.

Cut down on operating expenses

Adopt digital technologies to streamline repetitive tasks and eliminate inefficiencies, unlocking opportunities for improved profit.

Automate decision-making

Build a single source of truth by unifying disparate systems and data sources for streamlined analytics and decision-making.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Rule out human error in tasks such as data entry, calculations, and document processing to meet the required quality standards.

Rietmann & Partner: Streamlining Internal Audit Workflow with a Customizable and Scalable Solution

Learn how we helped Rietmann & Partner, a Swiss nationwide auditor and tax consultant established in 1911, digitize their internal auditing process by building a highly customizable solution that has positioned the firm for global scalability.


Develop new business models
Reimage how you offer your products and services. We can help you transition to a SaaS business model or adopt an API-first approach to monetize data, establish profitable partnerships, and build innovative products faster.

SaaS development

Make the shift to a subscription-based model to unlock a constant stream of monthly or yearly revenue.

API-first approach

Deliver your main service via a reusable API to make it accessible to partners and to build new products internally.

Aumico: Developing a SaaS Application That Streamlines Financial Reporting

Within only two years of operation, Aumico sold 4K recurring licenses to accounting firms in Switzerland and grew the SME segment to 10% of their client base. Discover how we built a product that fills the gap in the market by helping accountants streamline financial reporting processes.


Acquire modern technologies
Introduce AI and cloud to improve your competitive position and scale your infrastructure. Build mobile experiences to make your data and services accessible on the go. Or create an interconnected business ecosystem – we can help you acquire modern technologies to improve your business performance.


Move to the cloud to reduce operational costs and enhance flexibility. Cloud offers access to services and resources on-demand, so you can scale rapidly and efficiently.


Integrate AI to automate processes, gain valuable insights from data, and deliver personalized experiences to customers, enabling you to stay competitive.


Reach customers through intuitive and responsive applications. Provide your employees with mobile access to data and tools, so they can perform their tasks from anywhere.

API-based integrations

Facilitate seamless connectivity between systems, applications, and services, enabling data exchange and workflow automation across disparate platforms.

Visana: Exploring Referral Tactics in Health Insurance with Mobile Application Development

Discover how Modeso collaborated with Visana to explore referral tactics with an MVP for their health insurance referral program delivered within two months following the agile development approach.


How we deliver digital transformation
We help enterprises transform by developing digital transformation solutions in 5 simple steps.


We evaluate your current processes, digital capabilities, and systems to help you identify transformation opportunities that will bring value to your business.

Solution design

Based on the results of the evaluation stage, we will prepare our vision for a solution tailored to meet your business requirements and accommodate future growth.


After the stakeholders have approved the solution, we will develop a roadmap – a well-defined outline of the software development milestones and deliverables.


Our software development project will be divided into multiple phases or iterations, each accompanied by a demo for your assessment. You will be able to oversee the entire process.

User acceptance testing and rollout

We work closely with your team to ensure that the new digital solution is not only embraced but also smoothly integrated into your daily operations.
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Adopt a culture of agility and experimentation
Launch innovative products and digital initiatives faster with a Lean product development approach. We take care of every step in your digital product lifecycle, helping you drive cultural change within your organization.


We deliver change
As your technology partner, we make sure your digital transformation projects deliver the desired change.


We a proven track record implementing transformations across organizations.


We take into account both short-term changes and long-term benefits.

Future-proof technologies

We use technologies that deliver the scalability you need for continued growth.


We integrate digital capabilities without disrupting your current operations.
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Direct your IT budget toward innovation
Share your project details with us to see if our digital transformation services are a good fit for your needs.

Related services

Application modernization

Replace your outdated systems with modern technology.

SaaS application development

Build a thriving business with a scalable SaaS solution.

Generative AI development

Integrate cutting-edge LLMs to achieve a competitive advantage.


Connect various business systems and external services through APIs.
Frequently asked questions
Will digital transformation disrupt my current business operations?
While some disruption may occur during the transition period, we minimize any negative impacts on your business operations. Our team works collaboratively with your staff to ensure a smooth and seamless integration of digital technologies.
How do you ensure the security of my data during the digital transformation process?
Data security is a top priority for us. We employ industry-leading security measures and best practices to safeguard your data against unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber threats throughout the digital transformation journey.
Can you provide examples of successful digital transformation projects you've completed?
Sure! We have a proven track record of delivering successful digital transformation projects across various industries. For example, we helped Rietmann & Partner, a Swiss nationwide auditor and tax consultant digitize their internal auditing process by building a highly customizable solution that has positioned the firm for global scalability. Another example is Albin Kistler, an asset management company. They partnered with us to transform their legacy database into an extensible and modern web platform for investment portfolio analysis. You can learn more in our case studies.
Does Modeso help with designing a digital transformation strategy?
Absolutely! You just need to provide us with a clear vision of what you want to achieve through digital transformation or what specific challenges you want to solve. Based on that, we will propose a specific solution needed to reach your goals.
What comes after the project is complete?
We provide ongoing maintenance services to make sure your newly implemented digital solution is kept up-to-date and functional. For continuous work on extended projects, you might want to explore our Dedicated Team services.

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