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Our Lean Product Methodology

Build a product that
people will use
We deliver lasting value at speed. With our lean product development approach, future-proof technology, and result-oriented teams, you can cut the time from idea to market and launch a product that your employees and customers are going to use.
Reduce product development risks
Rapidly validate your idea
Access the needed resources
Accelerate your time to market
Get product/market fit
Improve your ROI


From idea to growth – let's co-create your product
Whether you're looking to revamp your operations, reimagine existing solutions, or create entirely new experiences, we're here to guide you through every step of the digital product lifecycle. From ideation and prototyping to validation, development, launch, and scaling, we've got you covered.
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We sync around your product vision and project scope.
Identify the problem your product will address
Determine the essential features of your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Define functional requirements and  build technical specifications
Estimate the project's cost

Design & Validate

We validate if your product solves user problems before coding even begins.
Design UI/UX
Create a clickable prototype
Validate the prototype with potential users
Iterate to improve the prototype

Build & Validate

We build the MVP and validate it with your target audience in real-world scenarios.
Software engineering
AI integration
Quality assurance
Cloud and DevOps

Maintain & Iterate

We ensure optimal maintenance and ongoing development of your product.
Application and cloud maintenance
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Continuous enhancement of UI/UX and functionality
Support for more devices and platforms
Automation and API integrations


We provide dedicated teams and acquire businesses to ensure their sustained growth in the long run.
Dedicated product teams for continuous development
Joint Venture
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We design a pragmatic roadmap centered around value and execute it at startup speed


Delivering on your expectations
We've cultivated a strong engineering culture to deliver solutions with seamless scalability, resilient security, effortless maintenance, and top-tier performance.

Full-stack expertise

Develop high-performance web and mobile applications. Our expertise centers on Angular and Node.js, ensuring fast and scalable solutions.

Extensible architectures

Reduce the cost of software scalability with extensible architectures that scale to your needs and evolve alongside your growing requirements.

Strong security

Ensure highly available and secure applications through efficient monitoring, incident response, and industry-standard security practices.

Reliable releases

Keep the flow of new features and bug fixes steady through the most efficient delivery method. We use CI/CD to enable reliable software deployment.


A part of our culture is called ‘owning the outcome'
We offer agile, result-oriented teams that seamlessly integrate into your workflows. Our engagement models are tailored to your product's stage.

product ownership

From idea to growth, we provide full-cycle development services. Your project will be led by our tech leads based in our Zurich office, with our team in Egypt handling execution.

Dedicated team
to handle ongoing needs

As your product gains traction, we transition to a dedicated team model. This means you get to grow your product with a team that knows it inside out, minus the unnecessary overhead.

in the game

We invest in new technology ventures, aligning our business interests directly with yours to accelerate your product's growth and improve the likelihood of success.
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We make your IT investments go further
Share some details about your project, and we'll get back to you with our next steps.
Frequently asked questions
Do you guarantee that my product will reach product/market fit?
Every successful product is different, but they all share a common trait: they provide value to users. While we can't guarantee that your product will achieve a product/market fit, we will do our best to help you conceptualize and deliver a solution that truly meets the needs of your potential customers or employees.
What if I don't get product/market fit?
Falling short of product/market fit indicates that your product isn't connecting with your intended audience. You might need to pivot, refine your value proposition, or implement substantial changes based on user feedback. We provide all the needed technical support to help you enhance your product.
How long does it take to build a product?
The time varies depending on the complexity of the product and the scope of features. The majority of products we develop take anywhere from three months to a year to build. If you want to get a more accurate estimate of the development timeline, please reach out to us with some information about your project.
How do you divide responsibilities with clients?
Our team handles the technical aspects of the project, including design, coding, testing, and deployment. We also provide ongoing maintenance and support. We assign a project manager to facilitate communication between our team and the client, ensuring the project progresses smoothly, meets deadlines, and aligns with the client's vision. Our clients define the product vision, provide feedback on our deliveries, and guide the development decisions.
I already have product design implemented. Can you work with that?
If you already have design prototypes or wireframes, that's excellent – you're ahead of the curve! We can review them together, discuss your development strategy, and explore ways to enhance your product. We will then proceed to software development.
Will you help me market my product?
We do not offer marketing services as part of our offer.
What comes after a successful launch?
The next step is product scaling. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to help you during this period. As your product gains traction, we offer dedicated development team services, along with potential joint venture opportunities, to accelerate your growth.

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