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API Development and Software Integration Services

Get your business systems talking
Enhance your solutions by integrating disparate systems and third-party services or design your own custom RESTful API that can be reused across diverse applications.


Our capabilities meet different business needs
From centralized data platforms to generative AI models – when it comes to system integration,we're equipped to meet diverse business needs.

Centralized data platform

Consolidate scattered data sources into a single, unified location. We build cloud-based data tools that can support growing data volumes and evolving business needs.

Third-party  integrations

Connect external applications to add new capabilities to your existing solution while shortening the development time and delivering better services to your customers.

Custom API development

Build a custom API to enable secure access to your app's data and functionality. Forge new partnerships, expand your market reach, and unlock new revenue streams.

Generative AI integration

Integrate AI capabilities into your existing app to achieve a competitive advantage. We provide integrations with cutting-edge LLMs, speeding up your time to market.


Build an interconnected digital environment
Implement a centralized data management system. By seamlessly connecting different systems through API integration, you can eliminate information silos and achieve better efficiency. We can help you choose the right data warehouse, integrate multiple data sources, and ensure data security and compliance.

Internal systems

Knowledge management
Digital assets

One centralized platform

No more unnecessary expenses tied to disjointed systems
Streamlined data management
Paperless environment
Seamless communication and data exchange
Synchronized business operations
All-time access to relevant data
Advanced analytics
Improved data governance and security

Third-party apps and services

Authentication services
Payment gateways
Cloud storage
Email and communication services
Location and mapping services
Customer support and engagement
Content management systems
Analytics and BI

Enhancing the TWINT Ecosystem to Solidify Its Leading Position as a Mobile Payment Provider in Switzerland

Explore our collaboration with TWINT on developing three new platforms. Discover how we implemented seamless integration and enhanced user experiences to contribute to TWINT's success in mobile payments.
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Evolve your product with external APIs
Leverage existing systems to accelerate project timelines and deliver a richer user experience. We can help you evolve your product by linking it with the required third parties without compromising security or performance.

Accelerated development

Integrate existing solutions to save time that would otherwise be spent on redundant development efforts.


APIs are affordable, and let you allocate your resources toward the development of unique features.


Protect your app's data against threats,  ensuring the integrity of your interconnected systems.

High performance

Rely on our APIs to deliver consistent performance even during peak usage or unexpected traffic spikes.

Rich user experience

Incorporate payment gateways, social media logins, maps, chatbots, integrated calendars,  and much more.

Building a Mobile-First MVP of Visana's Health Insurance Referral Program in just 2 Months

Discover how Modeso collaborated with Visana to explore referral tactics with an MVP for their health insurance referral program delivered within two months following the agile development approach.


Build a custom API for internal use or external partnerships
We develop RESTful APIs for seamless integrations.

Private APIs

Allow different systems to share data and services. Once built, an API can be reused, accelerating the development of new solutions.
Flawless functionality, stability, and scalability
Clear documentation for effortless API usage
Structural consistency for easy maintenance

Partner APIs

Open up access to your application functionalities and data to selected users for new partnership opportunities and revenue streams.

1LIMS: Bringing a New Product to Market to Transform Quality Management in Manufacturing Laboratories

From concept to market to 30+ enterprise customers across the globe – learn how 1LIMS teamed up with Modeso to realize their vision of becoming the global leader in quality data management in the manufacturing industry.
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Integrate gen AI quickly and affordably

OpenAI's GPT-4, Meta's LLaMA, Google's BARD – we can help you embed cutting-edge AI models into your applications. Our approach to integrating AI allows you to deploy intelligent solutions quickly and affordably.
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Our approach to system integration

Take a quick look at our workflow.

Needs assessment

Assess the integration requirements, identify the systems to be integrated, and determine the integration scope.


API selection

Choose the most suitable APIs based on their functionality, scalability, security, reliability, and ease of integration.


Data mapping

Map the data structures between the systems being integrated andtransform data to align with the requirements of the receiving system.


Error handling

Develop robust error-handling mechanisms to handle exceptions and failures during API interactions.



Test the API integration to validate its functionality and performance, and ensure it delivers the expected outcomes.



Monitor and update the integration to accommodate changes in system requirements or API specifications.

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Interested in system integration or API development?
Share your project details with us to see if our REST API development services are a good fit for your needs.
Frequently asked questions
What do your API development services include?
We provide API consulting to assist you in selecting the best API provider, handle implementation, whether integrating third-party applications or developing custom APIs, and offer full support for your custom-built APIs.
What protocols do your API developers have experience with?
We specialize in integrating various APIs, with a focus on RESTful APIs. RESTful APIs are widely adopted, offering simplicity and flexibility in data transfer – an approach that is scalable and straightforward.
Can you list any specific integrations you've implemented?
Integrating third-party services is a standard part of our projects. We bring extensive experience in integrating various technologies such as Google Workplace, Paypal, Stripe, Active Directory, Twilio, and more. Besides, we specialize in integrating Swiss services. Some examples include major accounting systems like Bexio, Infoniqa, Abacus, Xero, and Proffix, an independent cloud service for the Swiss financial market, and TWINT, Switzerland's largest mobile payment provider.
Do you provide ongoing maintenance and support for API integrations after project completion?
Absolutely! We provide ongoing maintenance, including updates, bug fixes, and security patches, as well as address any evolving needs your system may have.

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