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Application Modernization Services

From flawed and outdated to optimized and modern, risk-free
Rebuild flawed or outdated systems into modern and scalable solutions while reducing business disruption risks during migration.


We solve your aging software challenges
The burden of maintaining flawed and outdated systems outweighs their benefits. Our custom software modernization services address your challenges, transforming your aging systems into scalable and secure solutions.
Minimize functionality in the first version of your custom app without compromising quality. MVP is the quickest path to achieve product/market fit with minimal effort and risk.

Cost-effective modernization strategy

We'll assess your existing software infrastructure to identify areas of inefficiency and overspending and propose a tailored modernization plan that focuses on optimizing resource use and reducing ongoing maintenance costs.
Old software doesn't support new APIs, making it challenging to connect with modern systems.

Seamless integration with modern APIs

We'll assess your architecture to identify compatibility gaps and implement API gateways to facilitate interoperability between the old and new systems without disrupting existing workflows.
Due to non-compliance with current security standards, you risk legal and financial repercussions.

Security and compliance measures

We'll perform a thorough audit of the existing infrastructure to identify areas of non-compliance and implement robust security measures such as encryption, firewalls, and access controls to safeguard sensitive data and mitigate security risks.
You depend on a single tech expert who holds the keys to your legacy software.

Technical documentation

We'll create detailed documentation and version control practices to keep track of changes and updates to the software and ensure continuity in case of staff turnover.
It takes minutes to generate a report or complete a simple task, hampering your productivity.

Optimized performance

We'll identify bottlenecks and implement performance optimization techniques such as code refactoring, and database optimization to improve the speed and responsiveness of your software.
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Modernize, transform, innovate
Forward-thinking companies hire us to:
Leverage cloud-native architecture and services
Adopt a modern DevOps approach
Enhance software performance
Embrace AI technology
Build new cloud-based applications
Address security vulnerabilities
Integrate with modern tech
Migrate to the SaaS delivery model
Enable scalability and expansion


Recent case study
We've helped numerous organizations in Switzerland and across Europe create competitive differentiation by modernizing their existing solutions and transforming their business processes with custom software. Here is one of our recent projects:

Transforming Albin Kistler's Sophisticated Algorithm into an Extensible and Secure Investment Portfolio Analytics Platform

Modeso partnered with Albin Kistler to rebuild its financial analytics engine. Learn more about how we helped the leading Swiss asset management firm resolve tech challenges that hindered its growth.


Zero disruption in day-to-day operations
Software modernization can disrupt business operations. To mitigate this, we adopt a phased migration approach and employ Agile-based delivery methods such as iterating on minimum viable products for quicker releases and reduced risk.
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Analyse existing systems to understand dependencies, potential risks, and critical business processes that must be maintained during the migration.


Gradually adopt the new software through the phased migration approach. Start with non-critical systems and gradually move towards more critical ones.


Test modernized software to ensure it meets business requirements. Validate data integrity to prevent any loss or corruption of critical information.

Backup and rollback

Implement backup to mitigate any unforeseen issues during the migration process and revert to the previous system quickly if necessary.


Continuously monitor the performance of the new software post-migration and identify any areas for optimization or improvement.


Key features of your modernized application
You receive an app that:

Adapts quickly and easily to your business needs


Enables real-time decision-making with speed and efficiency


Has a great user experience, impressing both your team and customers


Is designed to be accessible to staff of all experience levels


Enables effortless integrations with third-party services


Exists in the cloud, ensuring accessibility from any location, at any moment


Is easier, faster, and cheaper to maintain


Ensures data security, remaining compliant with industry regulations

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Transform your legacy software into a modern application
Share some details about your project, and we'll get back to you with our next steps.
Frequently asked questions
Will the new system seamlessly integrate with my current software and tools?
Absolutely. We'll collaborate closely with your team to define the needed integrations and include them in our project scope. Your modernized software will seamlessly communicate with your internal ERP, CRM, and other software systems, facilitating smooth data flow and automating processes.
What is the typical timeframe for modernizing legacy software?
Legacy software typically requires years to develop, and it cannot be recreated within a short time. The duration of modernization varies based on the complexity of your system. With our meticulously managed software development process, we ensure timely and on-budget delivery.
How will my team adjust to adopting a new system?
Recognizing the significance of your current system in supporting your operations over the years, we prioritize a seamless transition. We actively engage your team in the testing and validation of the new system, facilitating their familiarity with it and ensuring alignment with your established processes.
Can I expect a return on investment from this project?
Absolutely. Your success is paramount to us, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your investment yields long-term benefits. Through comprehensive assessments, our team identifies potential cost savings, heightened efficiency, and improved productivity stemming from the modernization process.

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