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Fintech Software Development

A place where your digital finance technology initiatives come to life
Streamline financial processes, ensuring an unparalleled user experience for your clients. We specialize in developing bespoke software solutions designed to align perfectly with the unique needs of financial services, insurance organizations, wealth management firms, and ambitious fintech startups.

We've worked with prominent companies in the financial sector in Switzerland


Drive greater returns on your digital investments
Leverage Modeso's extensive experience in financial technology to execute your initiatives, minimizing the risk of missteps. Explore what you can achieve with Modeso.

Build bespoke fintech solutions

Address the evolving needs of your customers with custom software applications, delivered in line with your expectations. Benefit from our expertise, ensuring efficient end-to-end development process.

Ensure the protection of sensitive data

Create secure solutions that shield your financial tools and services. We guarantee comprehensive protection of user data against cyber threats, ensuring your seamless operations in the financial market.

Create a unified digital environment

Enhance the capabilities of your fintech solution through integrations with internal systems, third-party services, and data sources. We build interconnected systems, facilitating smooth data exchange.

Streamline data management

Efficiently capture, process, store, and analyze data from various channels. Develop tools that offer data-driven analytics, advanced visualizations, and dashboards for informed decision-making.

Automate business operations

Streamline vital business processes by automating manual workflows, eliminating errors, and cutting labor costs. Our technology solutions are designed to improve your operational efficiency.

Re-engineer outdated technology

Modernize your outdated legacy software and build agile and resilient financial technology solutions, crafted for seamless integrations, robust security, enhanced user experience, and limitless scalability.

Unlock recurring revenue with SaaS

Tap into new markets, expand your customer base, and create recurring revenue streams with custom-built SaaS for finance. We can help you effortlessly transition to a software-as-a-service business model.

Build new capabilities with AI

Unlock the potential of AI to bring value to the financial services industry. From generative AI to predictive analytics, we can help you develop AI solutions in record time, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.
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Who we serve
Some text Modernize your outdated legacy software and build agile and resilient financial technology solutions, crafted for seamless integrations, robust security, enhanced user experience, and limitless scalability.
Financial startups
Audit and tax consulting firms
Technology providers
Insurance providers and brokers
Asset management firms


Specialized competencies in various financial sectors
Over the years, we've gained hands-on expertise across five financial technology subsectors, enabling us to effectively address the unique needs of clients within these domains.

Investment management solutions

Enable your clients to achieve their investment goals with tailored software solutions that provide personalized service at every stage of the process.


Simplify accounting tasks by creating user-friendly applications that automate record-keeping and finance management, optimizing user workflows.


Develop applications that improve the efficiency of insurance operations – from seamless claims processing to advanced risk assessment to CRM.


Facilitate digital payments and P2P lending operations by turning them into secure full-fledged services accessible to customers on web and mobile platforms.


Integrate financial services into your business model to create a seamless customer experience for your retail chain, dealership, supermarket, or airline.
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Develop secure and scalable technology solutions for the financial industry. We have the right people and the know-how to bring any project through to completion.


Security and compliance by design
We integrate robust data protection measures to ensure reliable data security and compliance with industry regulations for your financial applications.
Compliance with AML/KYC, PCI DSS, GDPR, PSD2
Multi-factor authentication
Advanced infrastructure security tools
Data backup and recovery
Data encryption
Access controls
Regular security audits
Secure hosting


Faster TTM, lower risks
With our agile development approach, we streamline fintech development processes to achieve faster time to market, mitigate uncertainties, and deliver successful outcomes.

Alignment workshops

Collaborative Discovery sessions to ensure project alignment with your goals and expectations.

Feasibility study

In-depth analysis to evaluate project feasibility and mitigate potential risks before the development.


Establishing project viability through a small-scale prototype, minimizing uncertainties.

MVP development

Planning and development of a Minimum Viable Product for rapid testing and iterative enhancements.

Project management

We help you stay within the scope, minimize your budget, and keep to your project schedule.

User acceptance testing

Before go-live software testing to ensure end-user satisfaction and project success.
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Featured case studies

Learn more about our experience helping financial companies and technology providers in Switzerland overcome software development challenges.


The go-to partner for fintech projects
Our fintech application development company offers a distinctive combination of required technology skills, seasoned project management, and a forward-thinking approach to collaboration.
Your success is our commitment.

Sought-after tech expertise

We have in-demand technical capabilities sought by finance companies, including expertise in data security, data management, integrations, scalable tech architectures, AI, and more.

Rock-solid IP protection

Our stringent security policies, NDAs, secure development environments, and strict compliance with GDPR/PII regulations ensure the utmost protection of your intellectual property.

Skin in the game

Modeso co-owns a technology startup in the accounting sector (Aumico), showcasing our deep involvement and firsthand understanding of industry dynamics.

Predictable delivery

Through meticulous project planning, control over delivery, and disciplined budget management, we ensure your project is executed in line with your expectations.

Peak value-to-investment ratio

We own our projects and go the extra mile to provide outstanding value for your investment. Our commitment extends beyond design and coding. We contribute to your business results.

Client-centric collaboration

We prioritize collaborative partnerships, working closely with you to understand your unique requirements and deliver solutions that meet your needs. Expect us to be proactive at every stage.
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How we cooperate
We can collaborate with you at any stage of your software development lifecycle. We provide adaptable cooperation models tailored to your goals, resources, and timeline.

Full-cycle custom software development

Design, build, and support your product across the SDLC
We provide end-to-end software product development. Our commitment is to deliver your solution on time and within budget.
Your crucial role involves providing the product vision, defining the scope, and specifying the desired timeline.

Dedicated development team

Fintech developers, plugged in your workflows
We provide a dedicated software development team that matches your specific requirements, integrating them with your workflows.
Your role is to provide technical requirements and manage the overall team workload.
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Partner with Modeso
Reach out to us if you're looking to build custom financial software or need committed software engineers with expertise in finance to enhance your development team.
Frequently asked questions
We're undergoing digital transformation across our organization. Can you integrate into this process?
Absolutely! Digital transformation is a typical project we engage with when working with finance organizations, and we excel at adapting to our clients' needs. Our proven track record not only demonstrates our adaptability but also showcases our active role in enabling positive changes in our clients' domains. See our case studies to learn more about these engagements.
I'm considering changing my current external team. Does your company handle such transitions?
Sure! We can take over existing projects, and we offer project rescue services to help you address technical debt and rebuild flawed applications. Please provide our team with details, and we'll explore how we can help you.
Can your fintech software development company provide developers to help us handle a specific technical challenge?
Certainly! If you require additional development resources, we can provide an experienced fintech software developer or a team with the appropriate skill set. Please check out our dedicated team services to learn more.
How can I be confident that our users’ privacy will be in good hands?
We ensure robust data protection through a multi-layered security approach, incorporating reliable authentication methods for platform access, role-based access permissions, data encryption, adherence to GDPR requirements, and OWASP secure coding standards.

Privacy is important to us, so you have the option of disabling certain types of storage that may not be necessary for the basic functioning of the website. Blocking categories may impact your experience on the website. More information

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