No doubt that profile screens are one of the most important screens in any account-related app. Besides containing all information related to the user, it should be easy to use and impressive in terms of user experience.

Unfortunately, a lot of current profile screens are somehow similar to each other and lack innovation. That’s why we put our hands on this topic.

In this post we introduce a new iOS library called ModesoActionOverlay using Anton Aheichanka’s design.

In our new library, we depend on a part of the screen to switch between image and context menu in a very nice way, leaving the other part of the screen for any information.

Our Controller contains a dynamic number of action buttons (from 1 to 5) where the user can handle them by writing only a few lines of code in the ViewController.

The use of this library is very easy, dynamic and requires minimal code to be integrated. Also, it can be used in other ways for handling more option buttons.


On Github

Checkout the Modeso Action Overlay library on Github:

You’re welcome to use, optimize and extend!

Credits: Modeso’s Mobile Engineers Reem Hesham & Mohammed Elsammak.