Augmented Reality in the mobile context isn’t anything new. Nevertheless, the variety of applications are often misunderstood. Furthermore, custom solutions appear to be very complex in the realisation and correspondingly expensive.

We intent to clear up these prejudices. For that case we designed and implemented a functional showcase for a customer within two weeks.

Currently, two different markers can be used for positioning furniture. Within the app a specific virtual furniture can be selected for each marker. Once the app recognizes a marker, it places the preselected object based on its position within the frame. Furniture can then be rotated and moved virtually around.

Of course, we have focused on the basics and a variety of features are still missing. Next up would be features like:

  • CMS and/or PIM connector for data aggregation
    e.g. furniture 3d data and detail information
  • In-app furniture subtype selection
    e.g. material like leather or cloth, color, etc.
  • Furniture feature presentation
    e.g. animated shift between sit and lie-down position
  • Make a photo and share with friends

We’re fully equipped to design and implement a complete end-to-end solution integrating your already existing infrastructure.

Did we inspire your curiosity? Get in touch! We’re happy to provide you with more detailed information regarding augmented reality.