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Accelerating Your SaaS Startup with a Technology Agency as a Venture Partner: A Labtech Case Story

Building a tech startup on your own isn’t a walk in the park, especially with unpredictable market changes and numerous tech challenges that arise during the project. Teaming up with a tech partner for a venture partnership helps businesses overcome these struggles. Discover how 1LIMS, a LabTech startup, was born through such a collaboration.
Written by
Mahira Chahine
Published on
October 2, 2023
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Tech startups have unique needs when it comes to developing their products. The engineering team must be able to pivot quickly and respond to market changes while also being able to scale rapidly as the user base grows. Building and scaling an effective engineering team requires careful planning and consideration. A venture partnership can be a game-changer. The story of 1LIMS – a LabTech startup, serves as a prime example of the success that can be achieved through such a partnership.

As a laboratory technician, Philipp had a deep understanding of the processes and a clear vision for a quality assurance (QA) solution. However, he knew that bringing his idea to life required a strong technical partner with software development expertise. That’s when he reached out to Modeso. After reviewing the pitch deck, Modeso quickly saw the potential and decided to join forces with 1LIMS. The venture partnership offered 1LIMS not only a shared investment but also a long-term software development partner who shared the risk and supported him throughout the company-building process and beyond.

Main reasons to join forces with a tech partner:

1. Expertise in Software Development

Developing a scalable app requires a combination of profound experience, careful planning/execution, the right architecture/technology stack and the right team. Here are some essential steps:

  • Comprehension the lean development approach
Modeso product development approach
  • Plan your architecture: Choose an architecture that can handle an increase in users, data, and transactions. This will ensure your app can grow with your user base.
  • Choose the right technology stack: Select the right technology stack for your app. Consider factors such as reliability, performance, security and scalability when making your selection.
  • Design for scalability: Consider factors such as database design, server architecture, and APIs to ensure your app can handle an increase in users and data.
  • Continuously monitor and optimize: Monitor your app’s performance and identify areas for improvement. Optimize your code and infrastructure regularly to ensure your app continues to perform well as it grows.

2. Expertise in building effective engineering teamsA tech partner’s greatest strength lies in its ability to assemble high-performing teams that seamlessly integrate cross-functional competencies, such as UX Designers, Product Owners, and Technical and QA teams.3. Shared Investment and skin in the gameHaving a shared investment and a shared stake in the outcome, where all parties have “skin in the game," is critical for building an effective and successful product. This creates a sense of ownership and accountability, and drives everyone to work together towards a common goal.4. Access to tech resourcesA tech partner can provide valuable and timely access to tech resources including software engineers, UX designers, product owners, QA, and DevOps professionals that may have been previously unavailable. The flexibility to scale up and down in response to changes in demand is crucial in a startup’s dynamic business environment.

Philipp working on 1LIMS in a laboratory

Result — Successful product market-fit with namable clients

The journey so far has been nothing short of remarkable for 1LIMS. The company has onboarded over 20 clients from diverse industries, which has allowed it to transition from the product-market-fit stage to focusing on scaling its business in Switzerland and Europe. With a strong and growing core team, and the backup support from Modeso’s dedicated team of engineers, 1LIMS is in a prime position to sustain its growth trajectory and develop new features with ease.

Since our very existence, modeso has been our trusted technology partner. Throughout our challenging startup journey, they have been a constant pillar we can always count on. Sharing the same values has allowed us to overcome numerous obstacles during this journey. It’s this collaborative success that has strengthened our partnership for nearly 7 years.

Philipp Osterwalder, CEO @1LIMS

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