Technology Consulting

We dive into your strategy and processes to validate your ideas and technologies. We then create a perfect solution according to your objectives and budget.

Technology Consulting

We help you establish a business-wide technology architecture that enables innovation at scale. Our strategists and technologists can help you achieve a digital estate that supports your digital strategy, drives efficiencies, and delivers superior customer experiences.

Code Audit

Modeso's code audit service is a comprehensive technical examination of your software. We carefully review architecture, security, code conventions, and other software vulnerabilities that may affect your application's performance and ongoing development. Some of our tools we are commonly using for code audits include:

  • SonarQube for Static code analysis tools: These tools analyze code without actually executing it, and can identify issues such as syntax errors, security vulnerabilities, and code style issues.
  • AppDynamics for Dynamic code analysis tools: These tools execute code and monitor its behaviour at runtime, and can identify issues such as performance bottlenecks and memory leaks.
  • Phabricator for Code review tools: These tools are used to facilitate code reviews, which are a form of peer review where other developers review and provide feedback on code changes.
  • Visual Studio Profile for Code profilers: These tools allow you to analyze the performance of your code, identify bottlenecks, and optimize the code for better performance.
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