An app that inspires the youth in a playful manner for politics and encourages them to participate in political processes.
fdp regiopoly mobile app

Regiopoly is a mobile game we have been assigned to develop for the political party FDP. Die Liberalen in 2015.

The game focuses on the satisfaction of citizens and current topics of the Rorschach region. The user gets actively engaged as traffic planner with the aim to make the citizens as happy as possible with the help of various measurements.

Currently, the app consists of one game only, namely the traffic planner. Apart of traffic, as high level topic, there will be others like education, industry and living coming up. These new games will be added in the future to make the user to be even more engaged.

Regardless of the game, the user's success is measured based on the final overall satisfaction of the citizens while respecting total costs of all selected measurements.

For competitive reasons and to make it a bit more fun, a global leaderboard got implemented.

You can download the app here from the App Store.

Article about the app by the swiss news paper 20min: Neue App soll Politik zum anregenden Spiel machen

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